FAQ 's

We receive lots of specific questions and general enquires each week from prospective stallholders and members of the general public. Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) that these stallholders and the general public commonly have about the Frankston Community Market.

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered below, you can contact us here.


Trestle Tables are available for hire and subject to certain conditions at $10.00 each per day. They can only be booked via the Frankston  Community Market official website. 

A 2.4 x 2.4 metre weatherproof gazebo overhead (semi-covered, no walls) is available for hire and can only be booked via the Frankston Community Market official website. 

A single stall is the same size as a standard car parking space (approx. 2.5m X 5m), with one metre additional space at the front of your stall. If you require more space, ensure you book more than one stall.

A market stall puts your items for sale in front of a huge number of potential buyers,  all who are looking for a bargain! Compared to a garage sale, you don’t need to advertise it, and you also get the peace of mind that no strangers can enter your property or home.

We’re open to the general public at 8:00AM, every Sunday (weather permitting).

The market ceases trading at 1:00PM.

Note: On days of extreme weather conditions, the market may cease trading earlier than normal.

To view the most up-to-date stall types available and their prices, please click here.

That’s great!

As long as you are a recognised charity, school, sporting club, community group or a not-for-profit organisation, with a formal request on an official letterhead, your stall is FREE. We will allocate 1 community stall per Sunday. Get in touch with us so we can happily discuss your fundraising activity!

If you have booked a stall, you must arrive between 6:30AM and 7:00AM. After these times, your booked stall may become unavailable.

Vehicle access is restricted into the market area at 7:45 AM.

If you haven’t booked a stall, you’re still more than welcome to come along. However, we cannot guarantee stall spaces will be available for you on that particular day. Please pay close attention to all signs and follow the directions of the traffic marshals when you arrive. It is still a requirement that you will need to make an online booking, even on the day of the market. 

Vehicle access is restricted into the market area at 7:45 AM.

Stallholders are prohibited from moving their vehicle until the market ceases operation at 1 pm. If you have an urgent matter/emergency, please discuss with market management, who will at their discretion arrange an escorted exit from the market compound. Due to OH&S legislation, any stallholder who moves their vehicle before the end of official trading, and without permission will be refused stallholder entry to all future markets.

The market is rarely cancelled, and if so, only due to extreme weather conditions, and only at the discretion of market management on the day.

Stallholders with a valid booking will be informed via SMS at 9am the day before  the market in the event of a cancellation. In addition, you can check our Facebook page for cancellation notices.

Depending on what you are selling, you may need to be pre-approved by market management.
The following items are strictly prohibited from being sold, promoted or displayed:

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Drug Paraphernalia (such as bongs, pipes etc)
  • Firearms or Weapons (swords, combat knifes, ammunition etc)
  • Fireworks
  • Explosives (includes throw-downs and stink bombs)
  • Pornography
  • Pirated DVD’s
  • Fake/Copycat/Non-Official/Non-Genuine Goods
  • Stolen Goods

If you are unsure if you need permission, contact us here.

Note: If any items listed above are found to be sold, promoted or displayed within the market, the stallholder will be required desist selling, promoting and/or displaying said items, or may be asked to leave the compound immediately. Police may be contacted depending on the circumstances.

At the discretion of market management, you may be considered as a future vendor.

As a food vendor, you must have a current public/product liability insurance with a registered insurer prior to being considered and/or approved by market management.

To be considered, you must have a current Street Trader permit to operate within the boundaries of Frankston’s CBD, meet all health department requirements, permits and have a current food handlers licence. For more information on food and street trader permits, please visit: streatrader.health.vic.gov.au and/or contact the environmental health unit at your council for assistance. In addition, you may view this PDF from Frankston City Council, detailing ‘Selling Food from a Temporary Premises‘.

Note: Anyone found to be selling food/drink items without permission from market management will be asked to immediately cease from selling said items, or be asked to leave the market compound. Approval is granted on a case-by-case basis, and at the sole discretion of the market management. Please contact us at least three weeks leading up to the date you wish to commence to allow adequate consideration time.


All pets (excluding guide dogs) are prohibited from the market compound. Stallholders and patrons who bring pets with them will be refused entry into the market.

Please note: Council Bylaw states that no dogs (excluding guide dogs) are allowed in the Frankston CBD area at any time. Therefore we must enforce that no dogs (excluding guide dogs) are allowed within the market compound.

No. Free for all

Stallholders are NOT permitted to dispose of their unsold stall items into the market bins. This includes:

  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Large Signs
  • Coat Hangers
  • Sharp Items (Including broken glass/plastic/ceramic)
  • Unwanted/Unsold Items
  • Bulky or Heavy Items

Please ensure you take any rubbish with you when you leave the market. Please note, charity bins exist near the Playne Street entry/exit gate with donations gratefully accepted. Please place your donations inside the bins and not on the ground in front.  Stallholders found to have disposed any of the above in the market bins may possibly lose entry into future markets.